Barrique support

Barrique support (UNO)
Barrique support (UNO)

Innovative barrique support with rollers for easy rotation of the barrels

  • Freely accessible barrels on projecting support arms
  • Each barrel can be rotated through 360┬░
  • Custom configuration of your barrique support system
  • Fit the barriques either on one or both sides
  • Up to three levels of barrique supports are possible
  • Extendible to your specifications using a connector system
  • Choose the desired distance between barriques
  • Made entirely from stainless steel
  • Easy to remove individual barrels (via forklift)
  • Distinguished by the option to clean the barrels in place, with a barrique cleaning device

Accessible from one side against the wall (UNO) or Accessible from both sides in the middle of a room (DUO)

Extendible at any time with the connector system