Hot bottle filler / Pasteur THA100-9/-18

THA100-18 and THA100-18-BIB

Gently heat fruit juices and fill into bottles or bag-in-boxes!

  • Stainless-steel pipe heat exchanger for rapid and gentle juice warning in a water bath
  • Available with 1 (heat output 9kW) or 2 bottle filling valves (heat output 18kW)
  • The beginning of the bottling process starts automatically when a bottle is pushed under the valve and stops when it is full
  • Fill height, bottle diameter and bottle height can all be easily adjusted
  • Switch over to optionally available bag-in-box filling device in just a few steps
  • Water bath electronic temperature control
  • Controllable juice outlet temperature and display with digital thermometer
  • Dry run protection provided by a float switch in the water bath
  • Made entirely from stainless steel


The bag-in-box filling device allows you to retrofit the hot bottle filler for filling bags in just a few steps. During filling, the mouth of the bag-in-box is fixed in place with a retaining claw. A sealing device facilitates the press fit of the closure.

Preheating unit to increase filling output

Preheating unit
Preheating unit
  • Preheating unit for the juice holding tank made from stainless-steel corrugated pipe
  • Can be connected to any heating system with water heating
  • Increase the output by preheating the juice to 50-60°C
  • Oriented on its head, making it very easy to clean

Technical data

  THA 100-9 THA 100-18
Electrical connection 400VAC / 9kW / 16A 400VAC / 18kW / 32A
Dimensions (DxH) [mm] 440x1580 440x1580
Weight [kg] 41 43
Filling valves 1 2 / Bag-in-Box
Output up to [l/h] 130 200
Water holding tank [l] 100 100
Juice holding tank [l] 65 65