Bottle filling and capping machine TA1600


Gravity bottle filler and capper in one unit

  • Cylindrical bottle filler with choice of 10 or 14 filling stations
  • Integrated capper for natural corks, crown caps or short screw caps
  • Bottles are loaded manually
  • Integrated automatic safety switch-off function
  • Bottle rotary star is quick and easy to replace for different bottle diameters
  • Filling output electronically controllable up to max. 1600 bottles an hour
  • Fill height infinitely variable
  • Bottle filling and capping unit is electrically adjustable to suit the bottle height
  • Also available as a bottle filler for hot juices
  • Made entirely from stainless steel


Bottle filling and capping machine for natural corks. An add-on kit for short screw caps is available, and can be retrofitted to the machine in only five minutes.
If only one capping method is required, the TAS1600 is the right choice for short screw caps or the TAC1600 for crown caps.


  • Discharge conveyor belt or accumulating roller conveyor belt
  • Electric fill level monitor for the holding tank
  • Sterile filter cartridge for tank ventilation
  • Mobile stand
  • Add-on kit for filling bottles with hot liquids (digital temperature gauge, etc.)

Technical data

  TA 1600-10 TA 1600-14
Electrical connection 230VAC / 400W 230VAC / 400W
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 1100x900x2200 1100x900x2200
Weight [kg] 260 270
Filling valves 10 14
Output up to [bottles/h] 1600 2000
Tank volume [l] 90 180
Bottle diameter [mm] 60-120 60-120
Bottle height [mm] 160-400 160-400
Input pressure [bar] 6 6
Effective air consumption [l/min] 200 200