Filler TA2 / TA3

TA2 / TA3
TA2 and TA3

Sterile filler for wines, juices and other liquids

  • Professional fallpressure fill valves
  • The bottle filling process starts automatically when a bottle is pushed under the valve
  • Filling stops automatically once the desired fill height is reached
  • Easy to adjust the bottle height, bottle diameter and fill height
  • Plexiglas holding tank as standard
  • Optional variant with stainless steel holding tanks, which are resistant to steam cleaning
  • Bottle centring plates available for special bottles (square, magnum)

Technical data

  TA2 TA3
Electrical connection - -
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 300x250x1070 300x250x1070
Weight [kg] 7 7
Filling valves 2 3
Output up to [l/h] 300 450
Tank volume [l] 7 7
Bottle diameter [mm] 40-120 40-120
Max. bottle height [mm] 500 500