Sorting capper LongCap TSL


Accurate feeding, capping and stocking of the caps in one device!

  • Sorting and capping performance up to 3000 caps/h
  • Precise application of the cap to the
  • bottle mouth
  • None of the vibrations or high level of background noise experienced with other sorting systems!
  • Operation not dependent on control signals, bottle conveyor screws or indexing star wheels of the capping machine
  • Easy adjustment to suit the bottle height, thanks to the gas-spring supported, integrated height adjustment mechanism of the sorting capper
  • Large holding tank for a box of caps
  • Ideal for extending existing LongCap systems
  • KTM quick change bracket for rapid installation and removal
  • Adapts to different LongCap formats (Ø28x44mm or Ø30x60mm) by the rapid replacement of just a few components
  • CO2 superimposed into the bottle and/or injection of CO2 into the cap (optional)

Cap types

LongCaps (Stelvin Ø30x60, LongCap Ø28x44, etc.)


LongCaps with internal thread (Stelvin-Lux, WAK, Glastwister)



  • COsuperimposed into the bottle before putting on the cap
  • COinjection into the cap
  • Cover safety prompt
  • Protective cover on the holding tank
  • Short version for low ceiling heights
  • Stand/bracket adapter for attachment to existing machines and systems
  • Converts to other LongCap formats
  • Holding tank expansion and filler flap

Technical data

Electrical connection 24VDC / 230VAC
Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm] 500x700x1350
Weight [kg] 27
Output up to [bottles/h] 2500
Holding tank capacity 90l ≈ 1VE =1100-1800 Caps
Effective air consumption [l/min] <1