Fully automatic capper TV2000 Twin

TV2000-TWIN ohne Sortieraufsetzer

Combination machine with two ready-to-use capping stations - meaning no time is needed to convert from one cap type to another

  • Easy to adjust bottle diameter and bottle height without format parts
  • Compact construction for easy integration into existing systems from third party suppliers
  • Uses high-quality industrial capping heads with pneumatic cylinder for professional capping
  • A faster and less complicated way of assembling and dismantling the belt and sorting unit
  • Machine is well suited to mobile usage (e.g. contract bottling operations)
  • Made entirely from stainless steel for a long service life and ease of cleaning
  • Quick change bracket for sorter
  • A good addition to the KTM bottle fillers TA10/14/16


The following variants can be provided in any combination:


Capper TV2000LX

The special variant -LX for LongCaps with an internal thread (Stelvin-Lux, WAK, Glastwister) seals the cap in two steps. Other caps, such as plastic caps, Twist and Plop, T-Corks, etc. are available upon request.


  • Belt extensions
  • Cover safety prompt
  • Jam reporting sensors with automatic switch-off function
  • Collection/feed table
  • CO2 superimposed with or without level control
  • Belt extension for inlet and outlet
  • Transport wheels and frame

Technical data

  TV2000 Twin
Electrical connection 230VAC
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 500 x 900 x 2000
Weight [kg] 150
Effective air consumption [l/min] 200
Input pressure [bar] 6
Output up to [bottles/h] 2500
Bottle height [mm] 160-400
Max. bottle diameter [mm] 120