Bottle filling and capping system TVA2010/14/16


The perfect combination - KTM bottle filler and capper for all cap types

  • Fallpressure bottle filler with 10, 14 or 16 stations
  • One or two capping stations for all cap types (ShortCaps, LongCaps, natural corks, crown caps, twist-off, etc.)
  • Electric tank height adjustment to easily fit different bottle heights and fill levels
  • Easily replaceable starwheel for different bottle diameters
  • Electronically controllable filling output
  • Capper does not have format parts, which makes it easy to adjust the bottle diameter and height
  • Uses high-quality industrial capping heads with pneumatic cylinder for professional capping
  • Faster and less complicated to assemble and disassemble
  • Variant for hot juices available


  • Like the TVA2000, but with the inlet and outlet belts running in parallel
  • Ideally suited to use in a small room


  • Belt extensions
  • Collection/feed table
  • Cover safety prompt
  • Jam reporting sensors with automatic switch-off function
  • CO2 superimposed with or without level control
  • Fill level monitor for the holding tank
  • Bottle pre-evacuation with inert gas injection
  • Transport and lifting frame for the whole system
  • Add-on kit for filling bottles with hot liquids


Configuration options

Example configurations

  • TVA2016LK compact bottle filling and capping system with 16 filling stations and 2 capping units for LongCaps and natural corks, with compact belt guide (bottle inlet and outlet on same side)
  • TVA2010S bottle filling and capping system with 10 filling stations and 1 capping unit for short screw caps, with straight belt guide

Technical data

  TVA2010 TVA2014 TVA2016
Electrical connection 230VAC 230VAC 230VAC
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm]
Weight [kg] 400 420 420
Filling valves 10 14 16
Output up to [bottles/h] 1600 2000 2200
Tank volume [l] 90 200 200
Bottle diameter [mm] 55-120 55-120 55-120
Bottle height [mm] 160-400 160-400 160-400
Effective air consumption [l/min] 200 200 200